Ram Pump for Momoguns

PCS Self-Sustainability Program for Momoguns.

As part of our continuing effort on PCS Self-Sustainability program development, we have uncovered and is recommending to all Momoguns to use RAM PUMP to bring water into their homes. This is especially suitable for those living in rural areas. We have chosen this system as the preferred tool of choice because of it affordability, reliability and fairly easy for a normal person to build and install. In the following weeks, we will provide more information on how to build this pump. Meanwhile, we encourage capable Momoguns to start looking, researching and planning to implement this very simple project, (yet so valuable to bring a measure of convenience and survival to Momoguns.) The following video gives you a brief description about Ram Pump. We want self-motivated Momoguns to make an effort to implement methods and systems that can empower them personally and as well as a community.

If you can work, talk and think, we want you to take the initiative to empower yourself and your families to provide a decent source of water to all. Share this to all your friends. (Do not ask what the party can do for you, rather ask what you can do for the party.  PCS is our party, let’s make it strong for everyone.)